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Apr 5, 2017

Beating Tiger 

"Most golfers would like to play a round of golf with one of the games’ top professionals, and all would want to beat them. Most would like to play a round of golf with the greatest player of this generation (Tiger Woods) and beat him! Playing against Tiger in today’s world may be the best chance any amateur golfer will ever have of beating him, due to his fitness issues and struggles to find his game again. 

Well that is exactly what I am going to do, take Tiger on in our own golf tournament!

How on earth are you going to do that? I hear you ask. Tiger doesn’t even know he is playing for a start. 
Tiger has had 3 back surgeries, each one a microdiscectomy. I have recently (last week) had a discectomy. There is not a massive difference between the two, microdiscectomy is slightly less invasive and therefore causes less tissue damage to the surrounding area of an incision. So I reckon as my surgery was a bit more invasive than Tiger’s, it evens the score up!

For anyone that doesn’t know, the operations involve removing parts of a prolapsed or herniated disc that are pushing against the spinal cord and/or the sciatic nerve. These cause pain predominantly in the lower back where the issue is and also the buttocks and right down the legs. Trust me when I tell you it is not nice - I have been ‘stuck’ unable to move a few times over the past couple of years!

So this tournament… ‘Beating Tiger’ - well it’s simple. Can I win a golf tournament before Tiger? Tiger plays on the PGA tour, I play at Tain Golf Club – we both play against our peers. If Tiger wins on tour first, he wins. If I win a competition first, I win - simple as. Now Tiger plays in Majors, a little added pressure? So to even that up I will call our Club Championship, 4-Day Open in Golf Week, Balblair 36 Hole Open and Northern Counties Cup, my majors – that’s 4 each. Although currently Tiger has 14 Major wins, and I have none.

Stats……everyone loves stats so let’s look at them

Tiger                                                                      Me
Majors 14                                                              0(S/F Club champ 2013)
Tour/Club Wins 106 (according to Wiki)           0(A few top 10’s)
Handicap N/A                                                     5.3

I could go on forever with Tiger’s stats and he beats me in every-one except I would win the most strokes taken in tournament play - without even checking, I’m pretty confident I hold that one! Even my only hole in one was in a bounce game.

Where do we currently stand? I went under the knife on the 21st Feb and was discharged the following day, after proving to the physio that I could get myself in and out of bed and could walk on my own unaided. The walking was more of a hobble and shuffle, but I was moving! Tiger has had a failed return to tournament golf due to back spasms - these I know are not good. The nerves in your back get pinched and the back muscles go mental, there isn’t anything you can do except suffer!

Tiger practices and plays golf full time, has the best coaches, physio’s, nutritionists etc looking after him. I work on an oil platform 3on/3off rotation and will be returning to work when fit enough. I have been given an exercise leaflet from hospital for my back rehab and I have been told no heavy lifting, pulling or pushing for 6 weeks (that’s when my review appointment is). I may also be able to blag a few free lessons from the club Pro Stuart Morrison.

Given all the stats and history of both Tiger and myself, I would say we have a pretty level playing field, so as far as I am concerned it’s ‘GAME ON’!


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Go Gary Go!

Best of luck!

Julie Vass

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