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Gary V Tiger Post 2

Apr 5, 2017

Bored, Bored, Bored

Bored, bored, bored, is how I would describe how I feel right now. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m up at the crack of dawn and getting on with the day ahead. I have to be doing something, whether it’s golfing, working on my house/garden, anything really. I am anything but a couch potato! Not doing anything is killing me, it’s like a slow and painful death. 4 weeks since my op and I have no leg pain and minimal back pain. Which tells me that the op was successful. The minimal pain I have is not even where it was previously. The pain is now in the muscles surrounding the incision and the scar is a little tender, nothing more than I would expect considering I have been sliced open. I honestly feel that I could swing a golf club quite easily.

Who knows what damage I could/would cause if I did, so as per doctors’ orders, walking is as good as it gets for me at the moment. The dog loves it; I have gone from one short walk a day to 2 long walks. I wonder if he will be as enthusiastic when I get to week 6.


I can seriously understand how frustrating it was for Tiger after his first op. You feel like you can do things and you want to do things, but you have to stop yourself all the time. Maybe Tiger did come back too soon and that is why he has had to have a second and third op. Only Tiger and his doctor will know that.

I could carry on and write about the nice walks in the woods near where I live, around the golf course and down the local beach.  However I am not going to as I am sure you will soon get as bored as me! After all, this is supposed to be a golfers’ blog.

There was a Texas scramble on last weekend to raise funds for Tain Thistle Football club. Obviously I didn’t play but walked round with my usual playing partners who commandeered my father as substitute for me (Imagine being replaced by a 67 year old). I’m quite glad I didn’t spoil my walk by playing golf, lol. Good chance I might take some money off them when I get back playing. The standard wasn’t the best but the craic was the usual good humour, ripping each other for a bad shot and congratulating a good one. I even presented Graeme (Current Club Captain) with a golf ball that I found, not one of the usual makes but a Wilson ‘HOPE’. Any hope of winning had vanished by that point, they were only on the 9th.

If I had thought about it I would have taken a camera out with me and got some good photos but I only had my phone. You see different things when out walking but not playing the course; finding different angles and views for taking photos. I would recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately the other thing I noticed was the amount of unrepaired pitch marks. Normally I walk onto a green and look for my own pitch mark, assuming I’ve hit the green and then repair it. I spent the rest of the day repairing any I found and there was a few.

Can I urge anyone reading this that hits a green to repair their pitch mark and any others they find? Rub it in to your playing partners, are they repairing a crater on the green or as usual have they missed the green completely? Not only do pitch marks damage the grass roots but they also make the putting surfaces uneven. A repaired pitch mark will recover in a day or 2 and an unrepaired pitch mark can take up to 3 weeks! Enough said I think.

Today I took my clubs home to clean them, sad I know, but I’m bored. While cleaning them I was gripping them, having a waggle (Jason Dufner Style) but also playing about with my left hand position. Do I move the grip further up the palm or not? Now I’ve got myself totally confused! Is my hand in the correct position or do I need to move it? Ask the pro? So talking to Stuart, he got me to pick up the shop phone in 2 different ways. Very interesting little test using something other than a golf club to explain why I was gripping the club correctly, and why not to move the grip up in the palm. That’s pie number 1 I owe Stuart! By the end of my enforced layoff he may need an extra notch on his belt!

I’m not sure if anyone follows Mark Crossfield on social media but he video blogs about all things golf and the very same evening posted a video about griping the club. Confirming exactly what Stuart had demonstrated. Our club pro does know what he’s talking about!

Finally if I was to give an honest answer on if I am disappointed that Tiger has had to pull out of the Arnold Palmer Invitational last weekend then I would say yes. Obviously I want to win this competition and the less he plays the more chance I have, but the less he plays the less likely it is that he is doing well in his rehab and may never come back. I would hate for the golfing world not to see Tiger hit it again. I would also not like to win this by default!!!

Still bored, bored, bored, off to clean my balls and count my tees.





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