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Apr 5, 2017

Rehab & Masters Week

So Tiger has pulled out of the Masters! I actually thought he would play. It is a course that he knows how to get around, 20 years since his amazing 12 shot victory and his 1st green jacket. Even if he wasn’t at his best he should still be able to make a score. Tiger being Tiger though would not like to compete unless he thought he would at least have a chance. By all accounts he only started hitting full shots last Tuesday, and for a professional golfer that is not ideal preparation to compete in a Major golf tournament. Who knows what state his game is in?

Tiger has been hitting full shots for a week whereas I have my 1st assessment tomorrow afternoon, so fingers crossed I will get some good news and will be able to start swinging a golf club. As frustrating as it has been, not doing an awful lot I have had no issues with my back. I called the Physio last week to ask if I could do more than I was currently doing. The exercises they gave me to do when I left the hospital were doing nothing for me as I was finding them too easy. The Physio gave me the green light to increase the amount and type of exercises to help strengthen my back and core.

This also gave me the opportunity to start doing some putting and chipping. I got a putting mirror from Santa so I decided to give it a test drive. OMG, I didn’t realise how bad my putting setup was. The mirror is designed to aid you to position your eyes over the ball. I could do with going to Specsavers, my eyes were 3 to 4 inches outside it; imagine if I am standing ready to putt, the ball was under my chin rather than my eyes. So my putting setup has now completely changed and I am getting used to the new position. I just hope I can take this out onto the course!

I have also been doing some chipping drills. If I ignore the first 5 or 6 shots which were thinned and went like bullets across the green; my chipping wasn’t too bad. Still plenty of work to do though, as I have yet to get 10 out of 10 into my target.

There was a working party request from the course manager for assistance with bush clearing. I am always happy to help out on the course, so I volunteered my services. Driving the tractor and dumping the off cuts was my job. The lads were filling the trailer with offcuts quicker that I could dump them. Maybe they didn’t want me supervising too much.  It was quite satisfying watching everyone else put in some hard graft and break a sweat. I think the Vice-Captain was enjoying a bit of destruction too much, “Gus! What are you wearing on you head?”

The opening match this year was not quite the usual shotgun start, more of a spaghetti western. Stuart had a 6 shooter with a barrel longer than the shaft on my putter! There was the usual banter with the Captain on the 1st tee about how far his drive would actually go. Was it to be the same as Graeme’s 1st ever golf shot as Captain? That was taken from the 1st winter tee and he managed to put his ball into the ditch in front of him. The ball actually travelled higher than it did forwards. As the gallery quietened down, Graeme thanked me for reminding him of his massive drive as he lined up his tee shot. He took a deep breath and started his normal slow backswing. We all stood there in anticipation of the 1st drive on the full course in 2017. The downswing came in a flash, the head came up just as quick and a half topped/thinned tee shot took off like a rocket along the grass (any worms near the surface were getting their heads taken off) This ball had  ‘ditch’ written all over it!! Luckily the speed that the ball was travelling allowed it to jump the ditch and sit a further 10 yards up the fairway! A good bogey 5 was had in the end.

The golf from then on was mostly decent. The format was 4 ball better ball match play with a half being a fair result for the match I watched. A very up and down game but never more than 2 in it at any point. The Vice-Captains team came out on top overall! I wonder if this is an omen for the rest of the year. I hope so as Gus is my usual pair’s partner!

The golf season for me always starts this weekend with the Masters. Who is your money on? Could Rory finally break his Masters duck and complete the grand slam? Will DJ carry on his winning streak? Will it be a complete outsider? What we do know is it will not be Tiger Woods.


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Captains Drive

I should be a bit miffed at those comments Mr Tonge, however on reflection it was probably a fair analysis!


Good and Bad....

Cheers Dorothy, got the OK from the doc to start getting back into it....still 4 weeks before a full swing and no return to work!!


Game on

Hope you get good results at doctors and its onwards and upwards with the golf, look forward to following your blog throughout the season


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